Splat Brilliant Conditioning Toning Foams - Lasts Up To Ten Washes (Mushroom Brown)


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A weightless, mess free foam hair toner for blonde hair. Perfectly tone unwanted under tones in 10 minutes or add a pastel hue in just 20 minutes! A fun, flexible hair toning formula that delivers pearlescent effects.

Tone down your blonde to achieve a beige mushroom blonde with Mushroom Brown toner, just right for highlighted hair and pre-lightened blondes. Formulated with a protein complex packed with amino acids to help increase moisture, strengthen and repair hair while increasing vibrancy, moisture and shine for an overall hair gloss effect. Brilliantly formulated to be used on pre-lightened or highlighted hair to tone down blonde and create an ash blonde, natural blonde look. Ashy pearl undertones help achieve a neutral cool mushroom brown.