Splat Pastel Mixer


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Create your own pastel color with the Splat Pastel Mixer Kit. Works with Splat Semi-Permanent Hair Colors such as Pink Fetish, Lusty Lavender, Aqua Rush, and Crimson Obsession. Make your favorite Splat color pastel! Silicon-free white cream base. Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Includes 6 oz. mixer base, hair color brush, gloves, and mixing tray. Hair must be pale blonde or bleached to a pale blonde for pastel colors to show. Pastel Mixer is diluting the pigments in the Splat Hair Color. Anytime pigments are diluted results may vary on how long the color will last on your hair. Splat Pastel Mixer is formulated for direct dyes only. Direct dyes are colors that do not mix with any developers or oxides.

Caution: This product will stain. Avoid contact with clothing, furniture, countertops, etc. Wear gloves during application. Protect hairline and top of ears with petroleum jelly to prevent color from staining skin. Made in the U.S.A.