Make It Healthy


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ZERO SILICONE: Innovative formula fortified with antioxidants, vitamins & nourishing oils

Protein Infused Hair Treatment

This leave-in treatment is enriched with Proteins, Amino-Acids, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, and Vitamins A, B, D & E.  It’s specifically formulated to replenish and enhance the health of your hair. New nanotechnology allows treatment to penetrate deep into the hair shaft to lock in moisture and repair micro-fractures.

MAKE IT HEALTHY eliminates tangles, making wet hair easy to comb. It protects your hair against thermal damage and adds a shine that lasts all day.

  • Silicone-free for a weightless feel to hair
  • Imparts beautiful shine with added volume
  • Replenishes and revitalizes hair’s condition
  • Enhances volume and manageability
  • Eliminates tangles
  • Protects and repairs thermally damaged hair
  • UV and environmental protection
  • Hair color protection against fading
  • Daily leave-in treatment
  • Works on all hair types
  • Environmentally friendly

Directions: Start with clean, damp hair. Massage throughout your hair, paying particular attention to your ends. Comb through hair and let it dry naturally or blow-dry and style as usual.